The Cataclysmic Egg is a very cool egg collected in Egg Hunt 2013. You can only find it when an in-game event happens and its a race for the egg!


To obtain the Cataclysmic Egg one must wait for the Volcano in the corner of the map to start erupting, which usually happens every 1 or 2 hours. Next, explosions go off around the map knocking players off their feet! Then, it is a race to the Volcano for the egg!


This egg may not be hard on it's own but here are the ways most hunters fail collecting the Cataclysmic Egg.

  • Growing impatient for the Volcano
  • Getting knocked off the map by the explosion
  • Someone else gets the egg first
  • Quit

Featured Egg History

  • Voted Fan Favorite of the Week by MrError2547, Oneandonlyfeez and Aronmcaminti | 8/3/18