Egg Hunt 2012 was the first Egg Hunt in the series. Though there were Egg Drops before that, this event set new standards for this annual event. It is one of the most well received ROBLOX events of all time.


The map for Egg Hunt 2012 was split up into four corners, which included...

  • A large mountain
  • A large plateau
  • A river
  • Office buildings


There is a lot of footage of people playing and or reviewing Egg Hunt 2012, here are the ones we have chosen:

New Standards

Egg Hunt 2012 set a few new standards that would change the Egg Hunts in the future.

  • Added new Sugar Eggs
  • Improved meshes for eggs, such as the mesh for the Vampiric Egg of Twilight
  • An enlarged map
  • Eggs that required in-game events to obtain