The Egg of Epic Growth is a very interesting egg found in Egg Hunt 2013.


Obtaining the Egg of Epic Growth was a lot of work, here are the steps to obtaining this one of a kind egg.

  • Go to the giant tree and climb to the top
  • Find a hidden spot in the leaves
  • Wait a long time for a mini version of the egg to spawn (avg. time 30 min)
  • Pick up the mini egg and jump down the tree
  • Go to the lake and plant the seed,
  • The egg will grow and grow until eventually, it will become a giant duck and reward you with the egg.


Most players do know that this egg even EGGISTS (get it? Yea, I know it's bad). In all seriousness, the egg is hard to get do to it's many long steps, long waiting times, and can be hard for people with a lack of patience.